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Information on Lotteries from around the World

Lotteries or Lottos that you can play around the World

  • This site provides information on lotteries from around the world with facilities to play many of them online from almost anywhere in the world . You can play some on the official lottery sites but you usually have to be resident in that country. Others can be played via organised syndicates or lottery clubs and others using legitimate companies who will purchase your lottery tickets for you in a secure and confidential manner. You should check your local laws before purchasing tickets from ticket agents as some countries do not permit purchase of foreign lottery tickets - the US being the main one. it is however legal to join a syndicate or lottery club from the US so take a look at the syndicates page for details of how to do this. Europe and most of the rest of the world is however more relaxed about this.
  • This means that you can chase the big prizes wherever they may be in the world. You never know your luck - you could become a millionare without leaving your chair.
  • The world's biggest ever individual jackpot prize was taken by Andrew Whittaker, who won $314.9m (197.4m) playing Powerball in the US in 2002.
  • Information on playing the UK & Euromillions lottery from anywhere in the world via a program that will increase your chances of winning. With this system one number is guaranteed on the UK lotto and the lucky stars are guaranteed on the Euromillions. If you refer friends you can play for free and even make a business of it. With one in 4 lottery wins going to syndicates this could be your way forward. Smaller wins maybe but a much better chance of winning.
  • Many of the official sites are in their native language - if you want to translate either use babel fish on the top right which will translate into english or if you have google toolbar installed you can right click with your mouse to translate into your native language.

This site is not connected or endorsed by Camelot, The National Lottery, Euromillions or any other lottery and is intended to provide information only on where to play lotteries online around the world. The sites have been checked but if you have any problems with any of the websites listed on this site and wish to report them please use the contact us form on the top of the page. Beware of scammers - if someone contacts you to tell you that you have won a lottery that you didn't enter they will probably ask you for an up front payment to release the money. don't part with any of your money. No legitimate enterprise will ask you for money to give you a prize that you are entiltled to. You can check these out on the scams page which is updated regularly with the latest scam email examples.

You should ensure that you double check your results on offical sites or newspapers- this site accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions however caused.

Check your local laws to ensure that you are allowed to play lotteries abroad.


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