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Information on Lotteries from around the World

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Order Spanish El Gordo Lottery Tickets Here!



This is the biggest and richest lottery in the world and pays out around $2 Billion annually. Some 70% of all monies are returned to the players, nothing else is anywhere close.  Most US and European lotteries return only 45% to 55%. No Spanish tax liability.  No deductions from your winnings. There are 39,203 different ways to win a prize in the Spanish El Gordo. These tickets always sell out fast. Only drawn in July & December. El Gordo Means - the fat one! Visit the official Spanish Lottery site here.

Play the French Lottery Online

The French lottery holds 2 draws on Wenesday and 2 draws on Saturday. Match all six numbers to win a jackpot of at least $2.4M. Visit the official French lottery site here.

Order German Lottery Tickets Here!.


Match all six numbers plus the bonus ball for a jackpot prize of up to $20M. Visit the official German lottery site here.


Play The Irish Lottery online.

Match all six numbers out of 42 balls to claim a jackpot of at least $1.5M. Visit the official Irish lottery site here.

Play The Swiss Lottery online.


Match all six balls out of 45 to get your share of around $360M paid out annually.Visit the official Swiss lottery site here.

Official European Lottery Sites


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