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Information on Lotteries from around the World

Lottery (Compact Oxford English Dictionary defininition)

 • noun (pl. lotteries) 1 a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers drawn at random. 2 something whose success is governed by chance. — ORIGIN probably from Dutch loterij, from lot ‘lot’.


January 11, 1569 - 1st recorded lottery in England is drawn in St. Paul's Cathedral

The world's biggest ever individual jackpot prize was taken by Andrew Whittaker, who won $314.9m (£197.4m) playing Powerball in the US in 2002.

Biggest USA shared win Feb 2006

A Vietnamese refugee bought the ticket that claimed the biggest USA lottery win ever recorded at a whopping 365 million dollars.

Dung Tran, 34, will share his winnings with seven others from the Nebraska meat processing plant where he has worked since arriving in the USA 16 years ago.

Tran was one of three winners who continued to go to work after they learned on Saturday night that they had won the lottery.

The eight winners chose to take a cash option of 177.3 million dollars instead of getting the full 365 million dollars paid in 30 annual instalments. They will each receive about 15.5 million dollars after state and federal taxes are withheld.