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The UK National Lottery (Lotto) is Drawn on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Average top prize on Saturday is around £8m ($12M) but frequent rollovers and special draws can boost this substantially. You need to match 6 balls from 49 to win the jackpot. 3 numbers wins £10. 5 numbers and the bonus ball can win a substantial prize.

Wednesdays prize is usually much smaller at around £3M ($5M) unless rolled over from Saturday. The largest UK National Lottery jackpot win in history was $60M (£38M) shared by three ticket holders on 6 January, 1996. The UK's biggest single winner so far won $28M (£20M) on 14 July, 2004.

The National lottery (now called the UK National Lotto) has become one of the most popular and successful lotteries in the world, with some of the biggest payouts and over 1,600 millionaires created since it started.

The National Lotto has now raised over £15 billion for Good Causes.

Use the form below to play online via the official lotto site if you are a UK resident. You can buy several weeks’ worth of tickets in advance – ideal for the holiday season, and you don't even need to remember to check your numbers! Click Here to play online with more lines via the official UK National Lotto site. Non UK residents follow the links lower down the page.

Thunderball Again you must be a UK Resident to Play. With 5 balls from 34 your chances of winning are much higher but the jackpot is much smaller (Usually around £250,000) but that would keep you going for a week or two!

Non UK residents can play the UK lottery from the links below.

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