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Software and books about lotteries

Just lottery Excellent source of lottery software tailored for several of the worlds major lotteries

LotWin Lottery Line Builder is a feature packed lotto program offering an extensive and unmatched range of tools to the serious lottery player. It easily outperforms competing products with it's powerful Lottery Line Builder Engine, statistical lotto analysis capability and entry manipulation features. Click Here to try the full version free for your lotto.

Lotto Pro 2005 Award Winning Lottery Software & Books

Lotto Hat is a lottery program that attacks the lotteries from several directions at once. Lotto Hat lottery software makes the tough strategy decisions easy, based on probability comparisons to your actual lottery results game history. Free trial.

P34 Lotto is a Windows lottery software program for playing 'Daily pick' lotto games - Pick 3 and Pick 4. Free trial.

Lottery Statistic Analyser This lottery software was designed specifically to analyse lottery results through a user friendly interface. Building on past success our software is now much improved and is the internet users choice for lottery analysis. Why place random numbers on the lottery each week when you can place mathematical fact, decreasing the odds against you and substantially increasing the chances of winning.

LottoJet lottery software - Lottery wheeling software for any pick5 pick6 and pick7 lottery in the world, including filters, bet slip printing and statistical analysis.

The UK National Lottery
application allows you to monitor the Wednesday, Saturday or both draws for the
UK Lottery draws. The application is designed to handle syndicate entry and has
draw and bonus number analysis.

Lottery Boss Pro 32 for windows - a study in elegence, ease of use, and power. For all players novice to expert. One you can't afford to ignore with the widest set of features available. Works with Lotto and Daily games. A work in progress since 1984!

Lottery Syndicate checker Freeware to make checking large numbers of lottery tickets easier.

Maybe Just Maybe Free online syndicate number checker for the UK lottery. Post your syndicate numbers up and everyone in your syndicate can use it to check the results.

$trike It 3.01 This software provides you with a detailed analysis of each lottery, including winning numbers for previous weeks, the combination of odd and even balls for each week, the overall pattern of winning numbers, and a good deal more. Free download of time limited demo.

The Ultimate book on Lotto systems That's the title not my words! Examines wheeling systems and other systems applicable to all lotteries.

Powerful New Information Available For The Lottery

A new, powerful scientific solution for winning the Lottery has been discovered!!!

Richard Cook has created a system that guarantees profit on any Lottery in the World (up to 54 numbers).

He can't offer you a system that will give 6, or even 5 numbers, this would be unrealistic. But what about a lottery system that can regularly give you several lines of 3 & 4 numbers to always make a huge profit! This is far more realistic, and with this very powerful new system, IT'S ACHIEVABLE!

The system offers guarenteed profit on any Lottery. So if you would like the blueprint for the system, that can regularly give you these winnings, then please READ ON......!

You have never heard of this before, EVER! Here's the link to his amazing website where he reveals all: Click Here

Mathematician proves lotteries are not random - Increase your winnings today!

Over the past year, the product development team has spent countless hours developing the first and only web-based Lottery Prediction System known as THE LOTTERY VAULT. The product development team has worked closely with a Russian Mathematician to put together a very powerful lottery prediction tool based on mathematical algorithms. We have integrated and adapted this tool for 250 different lotteries in the US, Canada, and the UK with many more countries to come!

Net Lotto Program

NetLotto is a unique computer program that allows you to use your own personal intuition to specify sets of numbers that obey tried and true winning patterns - and then automatically generates a 'number net' that maximises your chances of winning. It doesn't stop there. NetLotto has the rules for just about every Lotto game in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other countries already built in. And ... for those games that supply them, all of the past results recorded. So that you can see immediately how your generated number net would have performed in the past!

Over 50 free Lotteries Reviewed

You may be wasting your time playing your current online lotto. This book tells you if your lottos have FINE PRINT that will PREVENT YOU FROM WINNING! You can start playing legitimate lottos with GREAT ODDS and start winning money today! It'll even tell you how to enter lottos without ever viewing another sponsor's ad again.