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Lottery Strategies

People use a lot of different strategies when picking their numbers some scientific, some more spiritual. You know the odds are stacked against you so if you can increase your chances of winning it may be worth looking at. Whether you use family ages, birthdays, dreams or lucky dips/picks there may be something to give you a bit of an edge below.

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Good Luck

Many of the systems below used wheeling (sometimes called permutations or perms). These systems will arrange numbers in sequences to give you guaranteed results on the smaller prizes if you get so many numbers. This can multiply your potential win.

Other systems may employ hot numbers where you identify from past draw history which numbers come up frequently and play them on the basis that they will come up again.

Other systems may employ cold numbers where you identify from past draw history which numbers come up infrequently and play them on the basis that they must come up eventually - it's their turn!

Other systems work on the basis that numbers that have already won the jackpot will not come up again and that sequential numbers never get drawn. This eliminates a lot of possibilities although in truth a lottery is random and anything could in theory come up.

Don't forget that a lottery is random - the balls didn't know that they weren't supposed to be sequential etc!


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